Pool Service

Service Pricing

Our weekly pool service rates are very competitive, especially considering the quality of our service.

Starting At
$80.00 per Month
Pool + Spa
Starting At
$100.00 per Month

Pool Service Details

  • Brush all walls, steps & tile (every week)
  • Vacuum spa, if applicable (every week)
  • Vacuum pool (as needed or every week if no cleaner is present)
  • Skim and net everything on the surface
  • Empty all pump and skimmer baskets
  • Turn on and examine pool equipment
  • Adjust valves to circulate water through all pool/spa plumbing
  • Backwash filter (as needed)
  • Lubricate all o-rings (as needed)
  • Adjust timer settings (as needed)
  • Check water chemistry – Alkalinity, Chlorine, pH, Conditioner, Phosphates (monthly), Total Dissolved Solids (monthly), Calcium Hardness (monthly)
  • Add all necessary (basic) chemicals.
928 POOL SERVICE does not charge extra for conditioner or phosphate treatments once service has begun.
Tobin Gottier of 928 Pool Service