Pool Maintenance

Elimination of Algae

For the swimming pool owner, nothing is worse than seeing it full of green algae. That algae not only lives on the walls of your pool, it also spreads inside your pool's equipment and plumbing. Trying to eliminate the algae by scrubbing and adding the wrong type of chemicals can cost you time and money, just to find that it's back a few weeks later.

Many "professional" pool service companies can’t even get the job done right. 928 POOL SERVICE specializes in algae removal, and can eliminate your algae problem for good, without continuous shock treatments*.

Green Algae in Swimming Pool

Filter Cleanings

The filter is a necessary component of your pool's equipment, and helps remove debris, keeping your water clear. It's essential that this component is regularly serviced. 928 POOL SERVICE can inspect and clean your pool's filter at your request. Filter cleaning service should typically be performed at least twice a year, so if you are due for a filter cleaning, call us for an appointment today. (928) 230-1733

Pool Filter Maintenance

Pool Pump Repairs

One of the most critical pieces of your pool's equipment is your pool pump. You must ensure that your pump and plumbing connections are properly sealed and lubricated. This should be done at least once every two years. 928 POOL SERVICE recommends that you perform this service annually.

Pool Pumps That Need Repair:

  • Leak water
  • Are noisy
  • Lose efficiency
  • Cost more to run
  • Lead to more problems

Is your pump noisy, or do you see water spots around it? If you feel that your pool's pump is not running the way it should, give 928 POOL SERVICE a call today. (928) 230-1733

Swimming Pool Pump Repairs

Drain and Fill

Draining and filling a swimming pool can be an extremely time consuming process, but it should be done every 3 to 4 years. Our specialized equipment speeds up the process, and we're there to add chemicals as soon as the pool is full. You'll be swimming as soon as possible.

Drain and Fill

Broken Glass Removal

What would you do if you were setting up for a pool party, and a glass bottle broke near the edge of your pool causing shards of glass to fall into your pool? You do not want glass in your pools filter, or for someone to cut their feet on it.

Broken Glass Removal